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UltraCart II FAQ

Does UltraDev Cart II work with Dreamweaver MX? Yes, It has been tested all the way to Dreamweaver CS3

Is there a trail version to download? No, there is no trial version available at this time so I would strongly suggest that you download one of the Free Cart versions listed in the Downloads section.

How does the cart keep it's information? UltraDev Cart II uses Sessions and or Cookies to keep the cart information.

Since UltraDev Cart II uses Session and Cookies isn't there a limit on how much you can store? Yes, this limit is imposed by the server and or browser that is being used and this limit is around 4K. So if you need to have individual ordering 50 items or more at one time in one order you might reach this limit. This number is just an estimate, depending on the type of hardware your site is running on and the stuff you are selling it's possible this number could be higher or lower.

How many products can I have for sale? There is no limit imposed by UltraDev Cart II.

Can I use this cart without a database? Yes, but there will be some features you won't be able to use.

Can I use mySQL as a database? Yes, so long as you are running it from a Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP Pro server.

Can I use MS SQL as a database? Yes

Can I use MS Access 2002? Yes

If I'm in a foreign country can I use UltraDev Cart II? Yes, do know that I speak only English and UltraDev Cart II was design in English so you need to know English to design with it. So far sites have been designed successfully in English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Chinese, Greek, Spanish and Portuguese.

Is UltraDev Cart II a complete e-commerce solution? No, it's not a complete e-commerce solution but rather the shopping cart piece of an e-commerce solution. An e-Store consists of many subsystems like: a product catalog, shopping cart, user registration, business rules (taxes, shipping, discounts, coupons, etc.), saving orders (to a database), fulfillment - the list goes on and on. Each e-Store will have different flavors of all of these things to suit the store owner, and to suit the product offerings.
UltraDev Cart II is intended to satisfy the shopping cart part of an e-commerce solution and some of the business rules. Other aspects of an e-commerce solution can be built quite readily with UltraDev. For example, a product catalog consists of pages that browse a database.

Is UltraDev Cart II a template solution? No it is not a template solution this extension works like most other UltraDev extensions / server behaviors to give you the most control possible in designing an e-commerce site.

Can I use a Chilisoft server with UltraDev Cart II? No, Chilisoft uses an old Microsoft scripting engine that is incompatible with UltraDev Cart II at this time.

Do I have to purchase a copy of UltraDev Cart II for each store I operate? No, UltraDev Cart II's licensing is per-developer similar to that of Macromedia UltraDev / DMX.

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