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Dreamweaver MX Extensions
UltraDev Cart 3 Free Edition v1.0.2
By popular demand I've created this free edition... the "free edition" is not intended as a replacement to UltraDev Cart II IMO at least not yet. It is aimed at the original powerclimb cart user because of the now defunct powerclimb.com. Requirements: Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 6.1 or greater Dreamweaver MX 2004 Recommended
Force Users Connection Mode
Using this behavior will force a connection to go in to a mode you specify, which can free up server resources and speeding up the users connection. For example when a user completes an order and they are on the thank you page (of an e-commerce site) and they click the link to the home page it would be displayed in ssl mode (https) if you did not specify the full path and any page there after would be displayed in ssl mode (https) too. By using this behavior you could force the connection to be in an unsecured connection mode or vise versa if you need the connection to be in a secured mode.

UltraDev Extensions
PowerClimb Cart
This is the original 1.2 version of the now defunct powerclimb.com for Dreamweaver UltraDev
Powerclimb Cart Patch
This extension fixes errors with UltraDev 4 and the Powerclimb Cart Version 1.2 (ASP Model Only). This patch does not fix existing applied code for these two behaviors Save Cart to Table and Get Unique ID From Table so if you have these applied you must remove and reapply them.

Scripting Host Check.
This file is used to display the currently installed script engine version.

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